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    Buy Bathroom Vanities Online in Melbourne

    Bathroom vanities are more than just practical furnishings. It is also a focal point that connects design elements and improves the overall aesthetic. It sets the tone for the bathroom's décor, providing various customisation possibilities. These can range from sleek modern designs to intricate, classic styles.

    At Porcelana Tiles, we know that the size and design of the bathroom cabinets play an important role. Hence, we offer a wide range of products at our shop. You can also shop online from our bathroom vanity online store and have it delivered to your home! If you’re looking for premium products in Melbourne, we are one of the top choices.

    Explore Our Range of Bathroom Vanities

    The style of vanity you pick will influence the appearance and feel of your bathroom. We provide several different vanities for bathrooms to meet any existing aesthetic. Let's explore the distinct characteristics and benefits of each variety.

    Wall-hung Vanity

    Our wall-mounted vanities provide a striking and unquestionably modern statement if you're going for a contemporary style. These modern bathroom vanity units have clean, minimalistic lines that radiate style. Their general design is adaptable to fit any kind of bathroom decor. The additional free space, which makes everything seem to float in the space, is a hallmark of a modern-style bathroom.

    Freestanding Vanity

    Because they reach the floor, our freestanding bathroom vanities provide more storage space than wall-mounted ones. These units with their room-saving, wide cabinets and deep drawers, are a great option if storage is your primary necessity.

    Mirror and Shaving Cabinet

    A mirror and shaving cabinet is a modern bathroom vanity that offers more than just storage. It serves as a focal point for the bathroom, or reflects light sources, making the space feel lighter. We provide several options, such as open-shelf and high-cabinet options.

    Pedestal Vanities

    Pedestal vanities are a standard option for many contemporary bathrooms. They give the space a sophisticated vibe. Stone wash basins are a common type in such vanity designs.

    What to Look for in a Bathroom Vanity and Cabinet?

    Many bathroom vanity options can get intimidating for a novice homeowner. It’s difficult to find what is the best design, material, and combination you should choose from. Keeping the following points in mind will help you find the right style:

    1. Size: You must take careful measurements of the available space as it is important when installing bathroom cabinets. When measuring any room, consider the location of the doors, plumbing, and electricity fittings. Also, note the separation between the water lines and cabinetry fixtures.
    2. Layout: When you buy any bathroom vanity, it's vital to choose the right layout first. Whether you're remodelling your bathroom or beginning from scratch, a proper plan should be in place. Before you start designing, think carefully about how you want to use your bathroom and what elements you want installed.
    3. Budget: Before beginning your project, evaluate the money you will spend on your bathroom vanity and create a budget accordingly. This will ensure that your bathroom cabinets provide the best value for your money.
    4. Style: Another important consideration is the vanity design you choose for your bathroom. Features like bathroom vanity with sink or the details of the cabinets may help you select the layout that best suits your bathroom.

    Shop Your Bathroom Vanities Online or In-Store in Melbourne

    At Porcelana Tiles, choosing the ideal bathroom vanity is accessible for everyone. Browse our extensive online selection or visit our store to experience our vanities in person. Our helpful team is always pleased to answer your concerns and assist you in selecting the ideal vanity for your bathroom.

    • Customised option: Our bathroom vanities in Melbourne come in various forms and sizes. You can pick something that meets your practical demands without sacrificing beauty.
    • Top Brands: Brands that invest time and effort in their products make a significant difference for a wide range of consumers. Our collection has products made by some of the best brands. They provide everything you would want in high-end, luxury bathroom vanities.
    • Comprehensive Range: Vanities can transform your bathroom aesthetically. Our selection offers products for any style. We have everything you need to create a bathroom that you like.

    Check Out Our Bathroom Vanities Today!

    Do you need help with choosing the best bathroom vanities for your space? Get samples sent right to your home! This enables you to personally inspect the materials' colour and quality before deciding on them.

    Once you’ve made your mind up, you can order from the comfort of your home. We have an online store you can browse at any time of the day. Your convenience is something we prioritise and we aim to keep every transaction that way. Porcelana Tiles is the ideal company for you if you live in Melbourne and seek high-quality vanities for your bathroom. For more details, you can call us on 03 9336 1723 visit us at Unit 13, 37-39 Little Boundary Rd, Laverton North VIC 3026.


    There’s no “standard” vanity sizes. It usually depends on the available space in your bathroom and the amount of countertop space you need. Measure the area carefully, accounting for clearance for doors and comfortable movement before you select a vanity. You can also speak with our team for more information.

    Your preference and available space will determine which design best suits your home. Think about your bathroom essentials—toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies, etc. Freestanding vanities typically offer the most storage, while wall-hung vanities can be paired with mirrored cabinets for additional space-saving solutions.

    Yes, if you haven’t done this before, you will need a professional to install it for you. We offer installation services for bathroom vanities when you purchase from us. Call us to speak with one of our friendly staff.

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